OLPC: Call for translators

The Poo­tle server run­ning at dev.laptop.org is now up and run­ning. If you are inter­ested in help­ing trans­late the soft­ware going to be bun­dled with the lap­tops, please do jump in :-). More infor­ma­tion is avail­able in the mail­ing list post that I made.
If you have any ques­tions — you can take a look at the FAQ and if you still have ques­tions, feel free to join us on #olpc-pootle on Freen­ode, or ask on the mail­ing list.
Help­ing setup Poo­tle was an inter­est­ing project for us, since this is prob­a­bly the first time a Poo­tle deploy­ment is talk­ing to a GIT repos­i­tory, and adding sup­port for GIT to Poo­tle (and adapt­ing it for use in our sce­nario) was a bit of a bat­tle. The results of the ini­tial “beta tests” seem to be pretty sat­is­fac­tory, and the next few days will hope­fully tell us how well the entire sys­tem is working.