Fedora Activity Day, Pune

I spent the week­end at Pune, attend­ing the Fedora Activ­ity Day. Apart from the usual hall­way con­ver­sa­tions and dis­cus­sions, I gave a short talk on life as a Fedora down­stream project, where I described some of the issues we face while build­ing the OLPC OS (which is a Fedora deriv­a­tive). Rahul has posted a nice sum­mary of my talk, along with pos­si­ble ways to address some of the issues I out­lined dur­ing the talk.
Apart from the talk, I worked with Kushal to pack­age accessx— I came up with the patches which made it build-able on F-13. Kushal and I also worked on adding sup­port for cover images to the Patha­gar Book Server we have been work­ing on, and I think it looks good for a release at the moment.