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Why should I bother ?

Warn­ing: This is a rant. Feel free to ignore I love cod­ing in Python, and in spite of some of the occa­sional issues it can cause, I feel that it lets one accom­plish what­ever one wants to do with the min­i­mal amount of magic incan­ta­tions. So nat­u­rally, I have been try­ing to con­vince my friends […]

Crossing milestones…

Last Sat­ur­day, I appeared for what was the last exam­i­na­tion of our four year BTech degree course. Col­lege life has ended for me, at least for the time being. It was fun while it lasted, bor­der­ing on insan­ity some­times (can you imag­ine “nor­mal peo­ple” par­tic­i­pat­ing in a sport which involves pour­ing rot­ten, and really stinky […]

21st March, 2008

OLPC Nepal is hav­ing a trans­la­tion night out — read all about it here, and feel free to join the fun. Warm Holi/Doljatra greet­ings to everyone.

23rd December, 2007

Exams End semes­ter exams are over. Only one more semes­ter to go before I grad­u­ate. Yay!! Hyder­abad I’ll spend­ing Christ­mas in Hyder­abad — and will be prob­a­bly there fpr most of the week as well. I will be online though (hope­fully), except when I’m trav­el­ling (it looks like I’ll be com­ing back by train — […]

Parsing PO files in Python

I was look­ing for some­thing (in Python) to parse the bn_IN PO files (to get some sta­tis­ti­cal data) and found POlib. POlib is a python library to manip­u­late and extract data from PO and MO files. In other news, my exams have finally ended, which means I’ll be able to devote all my time to […]

Nije Shikhi, and GNOME on 12 Volt DC

Some of us in Kolkata have been work­ing on an exper­i­ment called “Nije Shikhi” (নিজে শিখি), a pro­gram where young chil­dren (mostly from underpriviledged/rural back­grounds) are sim­ply given access to a com­puter, and allowed to self learn, with minimal/no adult super­vi­sion. The com­put­ers to be used for that are based on the Geode plat­form, and […]

Community wireless networking at college

We have started an unof­fi­cial wire­less net­work at the col­lege hos­tel, (though access is mostly restricted to my batch­mates depart­ment). We do authen­ti­ca­tion using FreeRA­DIUS, and at the cen­ter of the net­work is a donated D-Link DWL-900AP+ access point (thanks! IDG), which is con­nected to Sabbir’s desk­top (which func­tions as the RADIUS/Proxy server). Maybe I’ll […]

Fun @ college

Last week, we didn’t have much to do at the hos­tel — so we decided to have a feast, where we would be the cooks. After a lot of excited dis­cus­sion — we went for the sim­plest pos­si­ble menu, chicken, rice/roti, and salad. After a head count (and recount), we found that there were 25 […]

Some pictures from hostel

Sub­ject says all. (just keep in mind that some of the pics may not be suit­able for small children)

Exams are over…

Post title says it all. Yay!! I’m back in action once again: