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7th Jan, 2008

The begin­ning of 2008 has been a lit­tle rough for me, as I had fever and headache for the past few days (start­ing from the 2nd, to be exact). Luck­ily, things seem to be get­ting bet­ter now, and cur­rently, the fever seem to have sub­sided, leav­ing behind a pretty nasty cough though :-(. My Hyderabad […]

23rd December, 2007

Exams End semes­ter exams are over. Only one more semes­ter to go before I grad­u­ate. Yay!! Hyder­abad I’ll spend­ing Christ­mas in Hyder­abad — and will be prob­a­bly there fpr most of the week as well. I will be online though (hope­fully), except when I’m trav­el­ling (it looks like I’ll be com­ing back by train — […]